Hi there! My name is Josh Quigley and I am the owner and creator of Dewdrop Mystique.

Like many of us, I spent years feeling like there had to be more to life than just the daily grind. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot to be grateful for - a comfortable home, a reliable car, and two amazing fur babies to share it with. But despite having everything I needed, I always felt like something was missing.
I spent a long time trying to figure out what it was that I really enjoyed doing. I love technology and computers, but that's what I do all day at work. I enjoy baking and cooking, but the dishes are always a hassle. I even tried my hand at homebrewing beer, but it wasn't something I wanted to do on a larger scale.

It wasn't until I was lighting a candle one day that it hit me - the sense of calm and comfort that washed over me as the aroma filled the room. In that brief moment, I was flooded with memories and taken on a journey of the senses. That's when I realized what I truly loved about candles - the ability to transport people to different places and times, to bring back happy memories and provide comfort.

I was determined to turn this passion into something more, so I started researching and learning everything I could about candle making. I watched videos and purchased kits, tested different materials and scents, and spent hours researching vendors and platforms. And with a lot of hard work and dedication, Dewdrop Mystique was born.

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of your journey and to provide you with beautiful and aromatic candles that bring comfort and joy to your life. Thank you for choosing Dewdrop Mystique.